Jungkook BTS selected by Forbes magazine as ‘Model Idol’ in 2021

BTS News

Specifically, recently, Forbes Korea magazine introduced Jungkook in their November issue with the title Model Idol.

Forbes Korea praised Jungkook’s live singing and dancing skills. In addition, he is also famous for compositions such as Your Eyes Tell , Film Out , Still With You … This is also the reason why this prestigious magazine chose Jungkook!

“Jungkook – the main vocalist, main dancer and sub-rapper of the popular boy band BTS. He is known for his steady, unshakeable live performance when performing powerful choreography.
He also performed a number of self-composed songs due to his great talent for composing and writing.” – excerpt of the magazine’s introduction.

‘”FORBES MODEL JUNGKOOK” and “TOP MODEL JUNGKOOK” are trending keywords on Twitter as fans celebrate Jungkook’s achievements on Forbes Korea.

“Jungkook’s trait is charming at first sight and his aura is something you can’t just copy and copy” – one netizen expressed.