Jungkook BTS shows off his slim waist again, even the sisters have to be jealous

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What a masterpiece! ARMYs, prepare yourselves before seeing this new series of photos of the youngest Jungkook!

BTS has just successfully wrapped up the Permission To Dance On Stage concert series in Los Angeles. They churned out crowds of 70,000 people a day, for a total of four nights. Jungkook has made ARMY admire once again with his sculpted body, peeking behind the star deep above and below!

A compliment to his stylist when he incorporated the chain. Along with the lip piercing and eyebrows, he looks like the cold male protagonist in the comics.

The jewelry around his hands and wrists not only makes him feminine, but also adds a hot masculine side!

Photo captions

I wish I could be a water bottle!

A true masterpiece.

He even took off his shirt on the way back to the wall.

This waistline without any excess fat, even the sisters have to say hello!

Hello, are ARMYs okay?