Jungkook BTS took Lisa Blackpink’s hand to turn the Billboard trend

BTS News

The youngest children of the two most popular K-pop groups in the world are together turning the trend with their solo products.

Last week, Jungkook’s new single ” Stay Alive ” debuted on Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart. This is an updated chart of the most talked about tunes on Twitter worldwide.
The appearance of the youngest BTS member is a bit of a surprise with Stay Alive in the top 20 most talked about songs because it has not been widely available for fans to stream or buy. In the second week, the song was even hotter.
On this week’s Hot Trending Songs chart, Stay Alive jumped from 16th to 2nd place, almost surpassing No.1 which is BTS’ Butter . At No.2, Jungkook entered Billboard history as one of the four highest climbing solo artists on the chart.
Next to Jungkook’s Stay Alive are Lisa Blackpink’s Money , Mew Suppasit’s Spaceman and Kudaibergen’s Fly Away . They all climbed to No.2 of the chart.
So far, no solo song has dominated the trending chart. Since its debut in the fall of 2021, the chart has only recorded three singles climbing to No.1 and two of them belong to the same band. It’s BTS with Permission To Dance and now Butter .
The other song is ” Bazinga ” by Filipino group SB19, which reached No.1 last month.
Congratulations artists!