Jungkook BTS was praised for… not knowing how to dress

BTS News

Jungkook’s fashion style is currently a hot topic online. It’s strange that a comment is a criticism but it is a compliment!

Recently, the topic of Jungkook’s dress style ranked No.2 on Nate’s Pann online community with the title: “Jungkook is cute because he doesn’t know how to dress”. According to the writer, the maknae Jungkook’s everyday style is extremely charming because he always maintains a comfortable, simple, effortless look.

Netizens actively left comments:

– Haha that’s because he can’t. He dresses like people one might meet around. That makes me even more like it, if you know what I mean.

-Jungkook dressed like an athletics major.

Honestly, a person dresses best when they are comfortable.

– It’s just that Jungkook’s beauty and body are so brilliant, it overshadows any outfit

– No need to know how to dress when Jungkook looks good in whatever he wears!

What do people think of Jungkook’s fashion sense?