Jungkook BTS’s interaction at the concert caught many ARMYs’ hearts

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 Not only handsome and talented, BTS’s youngest Jungkook is also famous for caring and worrying about fans. Like the “scoring” phase below!

Back in 2019, BTS performed their Love Yourself concert at the Singapore National Stadium. Here, the 7-member group had strong performances, bringing the level of a global star.
After the show was almost over, Jungkook walked closer to the stage to say hello and thank the fans who came to watch and cheer for BTS.
At this time, an ARMY was busy shouting and looking at the male idol, so he accidentally dropped his phone. The situation happened quite unexpectedly, making this ARMY very confused because there was a protective barrier so it was impossible to get it back by hand.
However, at that moment, Jungkook saw the situation and rushed over to pick up the phone for ARMY. After that, he smiled and waved to fans before leaving.
“He’s so responsive”, “Angel Jungkook”, “Because of these things, I can’t get rid of that Jungkook”… are comments from netizens.