Jungkook BTS’s new hair shocked the internet, strangely cute

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Many keywords related to Jungkook’s new hair are trending on social networks around the world.

One day of not being online is enough to turn ARMY into an old man! Today, without warning, the youngest BTS Jungkook is causing a storm in a series of images promoting Coway.

Thanks to BTS as brand ambassadors of many brands, ARMY is constantly treated to eye-catching content, whether it’s advertisements, photos or behind-the-scenes clips.

Every time he appears, Jungkook always attracts attention with his irresistible charm.

This time, the shock was stronger than usual when netizens discovered Jungkook’s new hair!

As soon as Coway released the teaser video, ARMYs melted hearts with Jungkook’s fancy mullet hair!

When the other members appeared, netizens joked that V seems to be in love with Jungkook’s hair when he can’t take his eyes off.

Even in the concept photos, even though the members are all perfectly beautiful, ARMY still couldn’t help but be a little biased towards Jungkook’s new mullet hair!

Not surprisingly, a series of related keywords began to trend worldwide, including “Jungkook”, “Jungkooks” and “Mullet JK”.

However, ARMYs lamented that because of Jungkook this time, they can’t even remember which brand BTS is promoting!

This isn’t Jungkook’s first time wearing a mullet, but every time it’s more or less different.

Many ARMYs now dare not leave social media for half a day because they are worried that Jungkook will reveal more pictures of this new mullet hairstyle!