Just debuted without promotion, ‘Stay Alive’ by Jungkook BTS has set a new record

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Stay Alive’s stream numbers are amazing considering this is only a promotional song and has been released for 45 days!

BTS’s maknae Jungkook continues to shine like the brightest star on music charts with his solo song ” Stay Alive “! The song, even though it’s just a webtoon OST and isn’t being promoted, is collecting records every day!

Stay Alive is currently the most streamed song on Spotify 2022 for a Korean solo artist. He achieved this impressive feat in less than 45 days after the song’s release!

Stay Alive is also a song streamed by a Korean performer released in 2022. Second and third are Polaroid Love and Wa Da Da respectively .

ARMY continues to cheer Jungkook non-stop despite “flooding” in the record:

– The most successful solo artist in Korea without an official debut! Jungkook power! So proud of you!

– Nearly 70 million, keep streaming, everyone.

– If Jungkook and the song are fully promoted, they can go straight to No.1 Billboard Hot 100!

Congratulations Jungkook!