K-netizens react to a Vietnamese fanboy whose fashion style changed after becoming a BTS fan

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K-netizens are reacting to a meme about K-Pop and fashion.

On an online community forum, netizens discussed a meme by a Vietnamese fan who shows how K-Pop changes your fashion after becoming a fan.


And ‘After’ becoming a BTS fan:

The fan who has other memes online also garnered attention with his hair.

The netizens mostly commented that his new style fits him so well and that he was already good-looking, which made his ‘transformation’ effortless.

Some reactions include:

“Well, he was already good-looking from the beginning so”

“It’s so important to tuck your shirt in so that you show off your long legs…love his new style”

“So cool!”

“Haha his ‘before’ look is really conventional and a lot of people still dress like that”

“Love his new looks”

“I don’t hate his original style either though lol”

“A lot of Koreans also dress like his original style!”

“I really think that it’s the hair that does the trick”

“It’s the hair”

“Haha he has great sense, it matches him”

“Wow he’s really good-looking though”

“He already had good looks so the transformation didn’t even need any help”

“I hope our people (Koreans) also get into K-Pop like this, too”