Korean netizens want BTS’s V in a Netflix fantasy series following ‘BTS 2022 Seasons Greetings’ preview

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After the release of the ‘2022 SEASON’S GREETINGS’ preview, a recent trending post on Hot Category at TheQoo is discussing Taehyung’s visuals in the teaser.

Kim Taehyung, aka V, appears as a tarot card reader wearing a crown of jewels and dressed in a lavish robe. V has acted in the Korean drama series ‘Hwarang’ before, and his enchanting beauty in the preview clips is making netizens want to see him star in a fantasy-themed series.

Here are some of K-netizen’s reactions:

“Your face is Netflix fantasy material.”
“You don’t read fate, you seem to rule it.”
“I don’t feel like he’s human. Personally, V, I really want to see you in a sci-fi movie…”

“Looks like a character from Greek mythology.”
“Not a fortune teller, but an emperor.”
“The crown on his head is perfect. It’s gorgeous but his face is the most gorgeous.”

“It’s like a movie teaser.. When is it going to be released?”
“The clothes and accessories are flashy, but V’s face wins.”
“Heavenly beauty is like this. The atmosphere is another level.”

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