List all the assets of BTS, which guy has the most money?

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The boys of BTS have come a long way since sharing a bunk bed and a single room.

Now, BTS is considered the most successful K-pop boy band in the world, they have millions of dollars and enjoy a luxurious life. Well deserved because they did their best.
Not only are they sharp in music, the BTS boys are also sharp in business in other fields, namely investing in real estate.

Here are all the properties that BTS currently owns under their name:

BTS’s high-class dorm

Fans must remember BTS’s Life Going On MV . The video features many photos of their very high-end dorm that the team has been sharing since 2017.

Located in Hannam the Hill, 7 BTS boys live in a complex with an area of ​​2,150m2. This is one of the most expensive apartment complexes in Korea.

Inside BTS’s dorm


It seems that Jin really loves his Hannam apartment because according to Business Korea, BTS’ eldest brother bought his own property there and then gifted it to his parents in 2020.

Interior of an apartment like Jin’s in Hannam

RM and Jimin

Earlier this year, RM and Jimin both (respectively) spent $ 5.7 million and $ 5.3 million to invest in Nine One Hannam – dubbed the “Beverly Hills of Korea”, where there are many Celebrities live, including K-pop superstar G-Dragon.

Inside the apartment in the Nine One Hannma complex that RM and Jimin paid for

Located near the Han River and Namsan Mountain, it’s easy to see why RM is fascinated with the area.

It was previously reported that Jimin bought a $3.9 million apartment in Banpo Jugong near the Han River.


V’s top choice in real estate investing is not Hannam but Gangnam.

The apartment complex in Gangnam that V invested in to buy an apartment

According to Lifestyle Asia, V’s Apelbaum apartment costs more than $4.4 million, has an area of ​​​​about 282m 2 and has a beautiful view of the Han River.

According to MBC ‘s 14F YouTube channel , Suga also wanted to be closer to their dorm and bought an apartment in Hannam but in the United Nations Village.

The United Nations Village that Suga likes and invests in buying an apartment

This place is a bit further than The Hill but also extremely expensive, more than 2.95 million USD, due to its proximity to the famous tourist destination – the Han River.


Did you know J-Hope was the first to buy real estate in BTS?

The rapper spent more than $1.2 million in 2016 for his apartment in Trimaje, Seongsu-dong, just a short walk from Seoul Forest. Since then, the value of this apartment has increased significantly.


Just like J-Hope, Jungkook also bought a single-family apartment in Seoul Forest Trimage. However, the “golden maknae” sold it in 2020 for nearly $2.3 million without being there a single day.

Jungkook’s 2-storey independent house in Itaewon

Not to mention, Jungkook also bought an apartment in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, for more than $3.3 million that he recently gave to his brother.

According to EToday, Jungkook’s current assets include a two-story independent house worth nearly $7 million in Itaewon.

According to the above statistics, it seems that the “youngest brother” of BTS is the guy who invests heavily in real estate.