Lucky ARMYs Caught The Attention Of BTS During The Harry Styles’ Concert, And Here’s How The Members Reacted

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Members of BTS recently caught the attention of music fans worldwide after they were seen as guests at Harry Styles‘ concert. BTS was living their best life from partying with Lizzo, showing impeccable manners, and having so much fun.


As expected, where there is music, there will always be BTS fans, and it seems like ARMYs were in full attendance at the Harry Styles’ concert. After lucky fans got to meet Jimin, Jungkook, and J-Hope at a restaurant, it seems as if they weren’t the only ARMYs to have cute fan interactions with the members.

One user on TikTok shared an ARMYs interaction with member V during the concert, and it was enough to give fans major jealousy. During the video, V was vibing to Harry Styles’ track “Falling” and seemed to be having the best time.

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With everyone holding up torches, the ARMY kept showing V her BT21 TATA keyring, hoping that he would notice it. After waving it around for a while, V actually saw the keychain and pointed at it in acknowledgment!

Unsurprisingly, the ARMY was very excited about being noticed by V while jamming along to another amazing musician.

When the video was shared, ARMYs worldwide couldn’t help but share their excitement for the fan but also their jealousy at being so close to V and being noticed.



Another user on Twitter went viral after fans noticed that an ARMY had brought an ARMY Bomb to the concert. Amongst the phone torches, it definitely stood out amongst the crowd and looked absolutely beautiful.

Yet, whether that ARMY knew it or not, it wasn’t just fellow fans who had noticed her lightstick. Another user on Twitter later shared a post that showed Jimin on his phone taking a video or photos of som̾e̾t̾h ̾ing in the crowd.

The user pointed out that it looked as if Jimin was taking pictures of the girl with the ARMY Bomb. Whether it was or not, there is no denying that the girl would’ve caught the attention of the members as they were very close to where the members were sitting.

Although the tweet has since been set to private, ARMYs have shared that another fan with an ARMY was noticed by J-Hope during the concert!

Fans online couldn’t believe it after seeing the two videos and thought these ARMYs were definitely living the y/n (your name) life by going to a concert of an artist they like and being spotted by another group they love. The fact that they were so close to the members would have made it even more like a dream.


After living the best life at the Harry Styles’ concert and making history at the αmєrícαn Music Awards (AMAs), BTS are definitely making their mark in αmєrícα!