Many new hard-to-know facts about BTS: We used to go to school together… shakes butt

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Veteran ARMYs also try to check if they know interesting facts about once upon a time of BTS!

Before becoming a global superstar, BTS had very humble beginnings. Let’s review a few things new ARMYs may not know about BTS:

1. Before Run BTS! Got Bangtan Gayo

Only chaos never changes!

2. The members actually participated in the Harlem Shake challenge

People can hide this embarrassing video but BTS’s version never!

3. They all went to America and learned… shake their ass (twerk)
This technique can be useful in some situations, but it’s the guys’ efforts that are worth mentioning!

4. Pre-debut J-Hope doesn’t like doing aegyo

Believe it or not, the person who now does aegyo all the time may have had a time when he didn’t like it!

5. The group’s first dorm was very small and cramped

They all used to sleep in the same room and even slept on the floor.

6. BTS is famous for being undefeated at the Idol Star Athletic Championships

In particular, no one can run faster than them in any athletic event!

7. Jimin’s old contemporary dance videos

The BTS members widened their eyes while watching Jimin’s amazing performance!

8. Rapper Jungkook is real

And should be back as soon as possible!

9. V is a hidden member, he didn’t show up until debut

V used to be sad when it was hidden, but he clearly deserves the wait!