MBC’s ‘Tomorrow’ responds to accusations drama used BTS’ names & birthdays for deceased characters

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MBC’s ‘Tomorrow’ has responded to accusations the drama used BTS’ names and birthdays for deceased characters.

The controversy began when ‘Tomorrow’ aired its 7th episode on April 22. A character wrote names on a form titled “Registry of the Entering Dead” for names of the deceased, which seemed to feature the same names and birthdays of the BTS members.

On May 17, a rep from the drama explained the birthdays were simply a coincidence, and there was no intention to disrespect BTS. The ‘Tomorrow’ rep stated, “They’re just a combination of numbers, and there was no intention behind them.”

Netizens commented, “Do you think using 2 names and birthdays of 4 BTS members is a coincidence,” “We need an explanation and official apology,” and “This is ridiculous and extremely disturbing.”

What’s your thought on the controversy?