MC Grammy seems to have all values ​​turned upside down when meeting BTS

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With Trevor Noah, BTS is at a new level that he has never known and can only be surprised.

Even though they didn’t win the award, BTS took the spotlight at the 2022 Grammys with their great image, charisma and performance of the song ” Butter ” .

In particular, one person who is fascinated by BTS is South African comedian and Grammy MC Trevor Noah. During the show, Noah sat down with the boys, greeted them and asked how they were feeling, and even asked RM how he learned English.

Of course, they also posed for pictures together and Noah couldn’t stop bragging online!

Although the event has been going on for a few weeks, people still do not stop talking about BTS. Recently, Noah hosted The Daily Show and couldn’t forget to mention BTS.

In the teaser clip, an audience member asked what everyone was curious about: “How do you feel when you talk to BTS?”

When asked about his feelings, Noah was overjoyed when he recalled the memory: “You know, there’s one thing I love about BTS, that’s, they’re, above all, the best group you’ve ever seen.” .

Trevor goes on to say that usually, when asked about other people, people say “Good” reflexively, sometimes purely out of courtesy. But BTS is a different case.

“They are nice in all their interactions with other people and in what they do. They work great and are efficient. Just like how they achieved success. Extremely controlled. They are really meticulous, you understand?” – Noah tried to explain.

Noah seemed to open his eyes when watching BTS perform live.

“I looked at them and, no disrespect intended, but I felt like, oh my, NSYNC was trash. Seeing these boys dance, then people see the bands I grew up with when I was a kid, it’s just…” – Noah continued.

As expected, BTS continues to have a huge impact on everyone they meet. Looks like Trevor Noah is a hardcore ARMY now!