Meaning of Jungkook’s lovely nicknames BTS

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Since BTS’s debut, fans have given the members a lot of nicknames. These nicknames have become so common that even the members know about them.

Each member of the group holds a special place in ARMY’s heart. All 7 idols have unique styles and adorable features. And whenever Jungkook makes an effort to do something, ARMYs are reminded of how literally he is good at everything. That’s why he received the nickname “golden maknae” (golden maknae).

But apart from that, Jungkook has a lot of other nicknames given to him by his teammates and ARMYs. Here are Jungkook’s adorable nicknames and the meanings behind them.

1. Kookie

Jungkook’s abbreviation is Kook or Kookie. ARMYs will also often see members calling him Jungkookie. BTS and ARMY use this nickname to refer to Jungkook’s cuteness.

2. Muscle Pig

“Geun-yook-to-kki” in Korean, roughly translates as “muscle rabbit”. Jungkook is a gym buff with toned chest and biceps, while maintaining a tiny waistline that compliments his body proportions.

3. JK

JK is an acronym for Jungkook. ARMY can read this nickname as “Jaykayy”.

4. Bunny

When Jungkook smiles, he looks like an adorable bunny. His nature and way of eating sometimes reminds ARMYs of a rabbit.

5. Justin Seagull

Justin Seagull was one of the choices for his stage name. Seagull is the symbolic bird of Busan city – where Jungkook was born. Meanwhile, Justin is because Jungkook is a fan of Justin Bieber.

6. Triple Threat

Although it’s no longer used much, in BTS’ early years, Jungkook was considered a Triple Threat because of his incredible singing and dancing skills. He’s also a backup rapper there.