‘Melting’ the reason why mom sent V BTS a super expensive coat when he was poor

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The BTS boys have been together for so long that they are now as close as family members.

But, of course it took time before they became sympathetic to each other. As they sit together to reveal their first impressions of each other, V goes on to tell the cutest stories and is sure to melt your heart.

As part of the BTS Live Trilogy concert series , which took place in 2015, the boys released a piece titled BTS Begins, in which they address their beginnings and their perception of each other.

Then Jin said why he noticed V out of all the trainees.

If you’re wondering if it’s because of his good looks, it’s not. The real reason was V’s red coat and his mother sent it to him.

Here’s what the “global handsome” Jin said about seeing V for the first time: “I came home from school and all the boys were in the practice room.
Along with the familiar faces was V, a boy I had never seen before. Aren’t you wearing a red North Face coat?”

As it turns out, those coats are quite expensive, but V’s mother has good reason to send it to her son.

According to V, his mother sent him the shirt because she didn’t want other children in Seoul to look down on her. How absolutely lovely is that?

V’s mother chose red because in her opinion it will stand out the most. When BTS’s “winter bear” explained his reason in emotion, the members pulled his leg and said, “V, don’t cry”. That means V always misses his family.

Seoul is one of the most expensive and luxurious places in Korea. V himself is not originally from Seoul, but from Daegu, so his mother wanted him to feel on an equal footing with the Seoul kids.

Isn’t this the cutest story you read on the internet today?

But besides that, fans also got the chance to know that RM wasn’t wearing pants when Jungkook first met him. Or Jin still remembers that Suga used to wear pine-scented perfume.
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