Netizens react funny when Jungkook BTS changed Instagram name: How dare you?

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ARMY really has a sense of humor just like their idols. Is there any “plot twist” from Jungkook?

BTS’ youngest Jungkook recently took the social media by storm when he decided to change the iconic Instagram name @abcdefghi_lmnopqrstuvwxyz to @Jungkook.97. Here are ARMY’s funniest reactions to the big change:

1. Completely different vibe

Anything dear!

2. At least Jungkook and ARMY are no longer struggling every day

3. I’m the only Gen Z!

4. Wait, is that him?

If you don’t look at the number of followers, you’d think it was a fan account

5. Engraved with heart

Jungkook’s alphabet name represents true talent, is revolutionary, is a hit brand and everyone has to talk about it. Jungkook got the nickname “alphabet guy” because of this name. You should be proud of it. No one thought of it, except you

6. Gone are the days when the alphabet ran across the screen

7. Don’t touch the “rename” button!

Already rkive, jin, agustd, uarmyhope, jm and thv, how dare you change names?

8. “Slip my hand”

Jungkook’s next broadcast will probably be filled with questions about this. Come on!

9. Just looked away…

BTS really doesn’t leave anyone alone for a minute. Just take your eyes off the screen, there is a big change!

10. Only true ARMY will understand