Netizens say ‘this’ may explain why BTS’s V didn’t get drunk like the other members did at the ‘BTS FESTA 2022’ dinner party

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Netizens discussed why BTS’s V didn’t seem to get drunk like the other members did at the ‘BTS FESTA 2022’ dinner party.

On June 15, one netizen created a post on an online community forum titled, “The reason why V didn’t get drunk at BTS’s dinner gathering.” Here, the netizen included a screenshot of RM, Jungkook, and V’s whiskey glasses from the recently revealed ‘BTS FESTA 2022’ video.

The screenshotted images showed that the color of the whiskey in V’s glass was very close to being transparent, compared to RM and Jungkook’s darker colored whiskey glasses.

The netizen then wrote, “Look how transparent V’s alcohol glass is lollllll. At this point, isn’t it just 99% tonic water and 1% alcohol? Lolllll.”


Some netizens commented:

“Lolll. I always find Kim Taehyung so funny every time he’s like this. He’s like ‘I want to drink a glass of whiskey~’ but he usually means tonic water that has whiskey scent added to it TT.”


“At least it’s not strawberry juice. Lollll.”


“Namjoon seemed to just drink straight [whiskey], and it looked like he was saying how he doesn’t even have ice in it haha.”


“It’s because Taehyung oppa said he’s going to drink with me.”


“I feel this all the time, but every time I feel a gap between him [and the others], it’s so cute~ haha.”


“He also always looks for the sweet wine lollll.”


“Lollll, so cute.”


“So cute lollll. Can he even taste the whiskey?”


“Isn’t it just water at this point? Lollll.”


“He is seriously so cute lolll.”


“Cute lolll.”