October Boy Group Rankings: BTS is far from runner-up

BTS News

Recently, the Korean Reputation Institute has announced the Boy Group Brand Brand Ranking of October 2022.

This chart was determined through analysis of big digital data on boy groups, collected from September 8 to October 8, 2022 with many criteria such as frequency of participation in activities, television coverage, etc. communication, interaction level, community awareness index.

BTS topped the chart for the 53rd month in a row with 9,511,195. High-ranking phrases in the keyword analysis about the group include “concert,” “HYBE,” and “military service issue,” while high-ranking related words are “appearance,” “expression.” perform” and “reveal”. The positive-negative analysis showed that only 65.41% of the responses about them were positive.

Seventeen held on to second place in October with a much smaller 3,814,243 points.

NCT climbed to third place with a close score of 3,233,041 points, a slight increase of 6.47% compared to September.

The Boyz ranked fourth with 2,448,590 points and EXO closed the top 5 with 2,173,481 points.

The positions from No.6 to No.10 are: Super Junior, BigBang, Highlight, SHINee and Infinite, respectively.