Official: BTS will not attend MAMA 2021

BTS News

No longer a rumor, the organizers of the Mnet Asian Music Awards have officially confirmed that BTS will not attend this year’s awards ceremony.

Sports Donga’s source revealed, ” BTS has discussed this matter together and made the decision not to attend MAMA 2021. At this time, it is difficult to record a video of BTS’ performance due to busy schedules. However, the organizers will try to prepare a short video for the fans.”

The reason why BTS could not attend this year’s MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) was due to their US promotion schedule. Specifically, before the spread of the new variant Omicron, the Korean government introduced new regulations and restrictions for people returning to Korea from abroad. Accordingly, all visitors coming here must be isolated for 10 days even though they have been vaccinated before.

(Photo: Mnet)

That also means, after the 7 boys finished the Jingle Ball Tour 2021 in the US on December 3. they will return to Korea and quarantine before they can resume normal activities. Meanwhile, this year’s MAMA awards ceremony takes place on December 11, BTS will still continue during the quarantine period so they cannot attend.

In addition, when asked about the possibility that the event could not be held offline due to new government measures and regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, a source from MAMA said, “We are still continuing We will continue to monitor the situation and will notify you immediately if anything changes.”

Earlier at MAMA 2020, BTS had an explosive performance with ON, Dynamite and Life Goes On. Our team won 9 awards at this awards ceremony. The MAMA 2021 awards ceremony will be held on December 11 and broadcast live worldwide.