Once complaining about a lot of money, how rich is Jimin BTS now

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Too much money is sometimes a burden, especially when it has to be paid at a price that is not cheap.

Money has always been said to be able to buy everything, including happiness. However, reality is not so simple. Even the boys of BTS – handsome, talented, loved and exceptionally rich – have serious problems.

In episode 6 of In Break The Silence called Now and Tomorrow , the boys shared about many difficulties during their activities, to the point that they thought about disbanding.

The eldest brother Jin, a businessman from the blood who is famous for being “in love” with money, also does not think that money can bring everything. “I used to think: Since we’re only human, isn’t having a lot of money automatically happy?” RM immediately interrupted: “Never”.

The elder continued: “But, now I know that is not the case. Friends say they are jealous of his life but he is also extremely jealous of them sometimes. That’s it.”

Not only is money not a panacea, it can even be a poison at times. It once made Jimin extremely confused: “Because I earned so much money at a young age, I started to wonder what money and success really mean.”

Over time, Jimin has finally learned to accept many things, and of course, find joy in what he has. And what could be easier than from money!

So exactly how much fortune does Jimin have that makes him so bewildered?

According to the 2022 report, Jimin’s net worth is between 26 and 28 million USD . Jimin’s fortune is mainly due to his activities with BTS and his solo products. However, Jimin’s potential is still huge as he often tops the personal brand rankings. Needless to say, every brand wants to have Jimin as an ambassador.

He is famous for being a fan of brands and has an apartment in the most expensive area in Korea. He spent up to 5.3 million USD for an apartment in Nine One Hannam area.

In BTS, there are three people richer than him: J-Hope, Suga and RM. The richest person in the group is J-Hope with a fortune that can be up to 34 million USD.

It’s true that money can’t buy everything, but it can buy a lot of things, right ARMY?