Philosophy Professor Analyzed Why The World Has Fallen For BTS

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The professor shares his thoughts on what makes BTS successful around the world and believes that the message BTS sends is something that everyone should listen to.

Professor Lee Ji Young from Sejong University is an ARMY (BTS fan) and once wrote a book about this group and their overwhelming success.
She also shared her thoughts on what makes BTS so successful around the world.

Professor Lee Ji Young

Meaning of BTS songs
Professor Lee explained that BTS songs don’t just end with one message, but are a continuation of multiple messages that intertwine with all the other songs on the album or even songs from when they were released. debut. Many themes are covered in their songs including social criticism, struggle and prejudice…

She gave the example of BTS referring to the social position of the privileged and those who don’t in the 21st century. Their song Baepsae is about how the press and older generations want to be. want young people to work harder.

BTS is different from the rest

The most important aspect about BTS is that their message continues to evolve over time. If they only sang songs that the producer wrote specifically for them, the sincere message would not have moved fans’ hearts that much.

Their message continues through each song and album, which are produced and written by the members themselves), in addition to all their performances being performed live even with music. difficult choreography.

This allows fans to understand and appreciate the message BTS wants to spread about the daily struggles people face in modern society. The fact that the group is creating its own voice in society is what sets them apart from others.

When the older generation thinks of idols, they think of boys and girls who are perfectly trained to do what their agencies demand. This is the biggest prejudice that the older generation has towards today’s young artists and idols. And BTS’s ability to break these stereotypes is what makes them successful.

The secret of BTS’s success is not social media

Many people wonder how a Korean idol group became famous all over the world. Many people assume that social media is the main reason, but in fact, the answer is simpler than that.

When you see stars like Michael Jackson or Led Zeppelin, you won’t question why they are so popular because it’s pretty easy to see how talented and amazing they are.

The same goes for the case of BTS. Their attractive point is that their songs are catchy, catch up with trends and still have meaningful messages behind them. It’s hard not to like BTS after seeing the energy they exude on stage.

Regarding the language barrier, it’s like listening to Michael Jackson sing as a foreigner. They may not know what it means, but they love the melody and endless energy of the “king of pop”. BTS has fans all over the world thanks to their musical talent and the message they convey through their products.

Professor Lee ended his interview with a conclusion: “Music has limitless power and potential in conveying universal messages to the world.”
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