Proof that the male god V BTS is a ‘master’ of romance

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 The male god V of BTS has planned to “date” with ARMYs!

Speaking of sweetness and romance, it’s undeniable that V knows how to “melt” the hearts of ARMYs around the world.

Whether it’s on stage, on social media (MXH) or on schedule, V always has a point of attracting fans with his ideal boyfriend. He recently proved it again.

On March 24, V allowed fans to ask him questions on Instagram with the caption, “Ask me anything!”.

In particular, a message from an ARMY drew attention, “Let’s see the stars together tonight, shall we?”.

When ARMYs send messages, they probably don’t know how likely V will respond. They did not expect that V not only replied but also wrote something that was enough to melt even the coldest hearts and surprise MXH.

In his reply, V wrote: “In exactly 2 hours, look at the stars from there. I will look at them from here”.

ARMYs went wild for the romantic reply when the post was shared on social media. “It’s so romantic. I will also watch the stars from the balcony” – a netizen expressed.