RM BTS and a series of rumors: Once revealed the reason for breaking up with his girlfriend

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Rumor of RM’s dating is what fans are constantly waiting and looking for. Information about his ex-girlfriend and the ghosts related to him is also the same. Here are some facts about the hit rapper’s love history.

RM BTS has never publicly dated after debut

So far, RM has not made any public relations and neither has the other BTS members. The reason may be that the boys are at the peak of their careers and are too busy to enter a love relationship.

Some Korean entertainment companies forbid their artists from openly dating, and even fans are against this issue. However, in the case of BTS, the group once expressed that their fans (ARMY) understand that dating is a private matter for idols.

RM once shared about his ex-girlfriend

RM revealed that he dated a girl in high school. However, after noticing the “deviation” in thinking, both stopped.

RM expressed that his ex-girlfriend has a lot of other male friends. Although for the male rapper, having many friends is not an issue, but the other girl did unacceptable things as a girlfriend. This brought their relationship to an end because RM never wanted to hurt his pure feelings for her.

BTS’s ideal type RM

RM revealed that his ideal type is the smart and feminine type. The K-pop star added, he imagines his girlfriend will be the one who is still beautiful and attractive despite wearing casual clothes.

Moreover, he likes a girl who doesn’t smoke and goes to nightclubs often. The above characteristics can help to come to the conclusion that RM’s ideal type is someone with a good and positive personality.

In fact, in an interview with BTS, RM expressed that he adores women like Hollywood star Blake Lively.

Rumors of RM BTS “having a wife”

During his activities, RM has never revealed his private life. However, in 2020, he was rumored to have a secret engagement, even a wife. The reason stems from the fact that some fans noticed the ring he often wears.

In Korean culture, wearing a ring is not necessarily a sign of marriage, but if someone is constantly wearing a ring it can be a love ring for a couple who are dating or engaged.

This rumor spread quickly and caused a stir among fans for a while. However, RM was confirmed to only wear the ring in certain events at the time. After a while, the information subsided because there was no more evidence.

List of rumored girlfriends of RM

RM once stated in an interview that he doesn’t need a love relationship right now because he has a lot of fans to share. Although RM is still single at the moment, here are the celebrities who were rumored to be secretly dating the BTS star.

The first is female singer Ailee, who attracted attention when she had a series of cute interactions with RM when the two were MCs at an event. They were also seen laughing and talking at other events. However, the two did not speak out about their relationship. Everything gradually went into oblivion when the mutual interaction between the two artists ended.

Hwasa of girl group Mamamoo was also accused of having a relationship beyond friendship with RM. At the 2017 Seoul Music Awards, RM expressed his emotion when Hwasa gave his acceptance speech.


He then also bowed slightly to show his respect while the others just clapped as she finished her speech. Fans believe that the two have many similarities in performing songs containing self-love. Moreover, both of them have good stage performance charisma. So far, there is no further information about their love relationship.

Chaeyoung Twice

Chaeyoung is a rapper of the famous girl group Twice, which debuted in 2015. RM and Chaeyoung were spotted looking at each other affectionately at the Melon Music Awards. Chaeyoung also showed a flustered expression and even stroked her hair when RM walked up to her.

Some fans think that this is a dating sign which is quite accurate. But, again, their agency has never confirmed the rumors about this romantic relationship.