RM pole dancing, Jungkook doing flying yoga in ‘Run BTS’?

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In the same group, BTS has different bizarre dreams about ‘Run BTS’

At the end of Run BTS! Recently, BTS members sat down and discussed ideas for upcoming episodes.

RM – Manly PT – offers to play foot volleyball 7 members against any 7 middle-aged people.

However, they probably have to practice a bit before taking on this challenge!

Next, Jungkook suggested playing cloud bridge.

This Jungkook will be enthusiastically taught when returning to Vietnam!

Jin – the grandson of a strawberry farmer – suggested the idea of ​​farming.

I don’t understand what they will do when farming? Who reaps the rice faster?

Suga raised the idea of ​​racing. BTS used to win athletics at Star Athletics Championships so everyone is good at it!

Jimin suddenly wanted to try pole dancing!

Just imagining RM and Jin dancing on the pole makes me want to laugh!

Jungkook brought up another idea of ​​flying yoga.

In this subject, I think Jimin has the upper hand!

Finally, Suga suggests gymnastics. Well, the boys of BTS will be so beautiful dancing with ribbons, rings, balls, etc.


What game will they end up playing? Check it out in Run BTS episode! next.