RM Promises ARMY Doing This In The Trip To White House Instead of Regretting In The Last Time Vacation

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One of the most special and interesting news in recent hours is that BTS will meet the incumbent US president at the White House. This makes ARMYs extremely excited and proud of the boys’ appearance in a special place.

In addition, to share with ARMY some things before the trip, RM also went to Weverse and posted some messages to everyone. Here are his confession lines!

The thing that makes ARMY the most excited in the past hours is probably the event that BTS will come to the White House on May 31. BTS’s trip to the most powerful house in America nowadays is a discussion with US President Joe Biden about crimes stemming from Asian discrimination and AANHPI Heritage Month Celebration.

According to a White House announcement, this talk was aimed at combating the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes and signed into the law Covid-19 Hate Crimes Act in May 2021 to provide law enforcement resources to identify, investigate, and report crimes and ensure that the AA and NHPI communities have access to information about these crimes.

Besides, President Joe Biden and BTS will also discuss the importance of diversity, inclusion, and BTS’s background as representatives of the youth generation. BTS is selected among the famous artists in the world today with influence on young people. Before that, Selena Gomez and Paris Hilton were also present at the White House with similar talks.

This is probably a great honor for both BTS as they are the first Korean group to receive this responsibility. This also shows how big the influence of BTS is to be taken seriously.

Not only ARMY but also BTS members are probably feeling very excited. Just a few hours after the information was publicly announced, RM went on Weverse and shared about his mood.

He posted the article, opening by sharing that on his last time trip to the US, he was only able to see the White House from afar. But now, he was able to get inside it and tell meaningful stories.

He also said that because BTS’s trip to America is for a good cause, they will go and return safely. He also confessed that everything ARMY thinks and wants to convey, BTS understands and promises to convey to the president.

RM also reassured ARMY not to worry too much and that everything will be fine. He also did not forget to remind ARMY to take care of their health so that we can meet again in June.

RM’s warm words made ARMY feel so sweet. The way he told ARMYs before he left was so close. Many ARMYs also shared and cheered for RM and BTS before this important trip:

– I can’t really explain how proud i am of you guys it’s the best feeling i could ever feel i feel warm happy safe you deserve everything. Thank u Joonie for coming here thank u for being our leader i love u


– I wish I could put in words how much I love him

– how is namjoon so effortlessly endearing like come here rn i will kiss ur forehead and pinch ur cheeks

– we will always support you<3 will always be with you after all BTS is my home

– the peak of bts but the peak never comes and they keep reaching new heights, and yk why cause these boys aren’t just talented and hardworking but also humble to the core, they never take what they got and their bond with us forgranted, always share their succes with their army.

– gosh namjoon explaining it like this to us is making me cry coz I think he thinks that there are some who might not like it ? like them being political but dw joonie this is so important ! lets hope for the best thanks for trusting us and thank u so much for what u do

– i am so proud of them, we will always support you and be by your side, always!