Rumor: Revealing 2 BTS couples, when Jisoo Blackpink solo

BTS News

The public is always curious about the real person, the life behind the limelight of K-pop idols.

Here are the latest rumors about the artists that are discussed by many netizens on MXH.

1. BTS

– Jungkook will have a new collaboration product soon.

– V’s solo mixtape is scheduled to be released in November. Rumors of dating Joanna Chun are completely untrue, the two are just friends.

– There are many shows that want to invite J-Hope to be a judge, a coach… as well as a few projects that he wants to invite privately but most of them failed due to his schedule being too busy with the group. And the bigger problem is the company.

– J-Hope earns great profits from real estate and securities, stocks. He has an unusual business relationship. It can be said that this person is extremely smart, skillful and intelligent. Therefore, J-Hope’s assets are always at the top and superior to the rest of the group.

– J-Hope and RM will soon be caught up in an unnecessary controversy, fans should keep their heads cool and protect their idols.

– There are at least 2 couples in the group, which is understandable considering the closeness of the group and the nature of the work, both couples have quite a lot of Korean fans. One pair is quite open and bold, while the other is more reserved and mature. Surprisingly, they are all in the vocal line (Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook).

2. Blackpink

– The group’s comeback will definitely be successful because it’s been 2 years. There is a tendency to follow the concept (main style) of Lisa’s song ” Sour Candy ” or ” Money ” because the success of Money is ambitious for YG Entertainment.

– Jisoo’s solo is at the end of November and at the earliest at the end of October. Her new song genre will be ballads, not focusing too much on choreography but on vocals.

3. Idol will lead the 4th generation K-pop

– Male will be: Stray Kids, TXT, Enhypen and ATEEZ respectively.

– Females will be: Nmixx, Baby Monster, Aespa, ITZY and (G)I-DLE.