Selling out of the pajamas Jungkook BTS wore for his birthday

BTS News

The day Jungkook wore BTS clothes must have been a great day for brands!

Jungkook BTS is famous for its huge influence, from selling out to fashion trends. He is nicknamed the “King of Out-of-Stock” by many media and fans around the world.

“Sold out king” Jungkook recently reappeared on September 1, on his 25th birthday. Wearing Armani’s pajamas, Jungkook looked extremely handsome when he sang for ARMY – sometimes up to 9.5 million people at a time.

Because ARMY is always very interested in what Jungkook wears, eats, and uses, social networks immediately explode with information about the brand of clothes he wears.

It is known that this is Emporio Armani’s Fluid Viscose pajamas. A similar set costs more than 150 USD (more than 3.5 million VND). However, as soon as Jungkook’s broadcast ended, all four sizes of this suit were sold out!

The “Jungkook effect” is also a hot topic online with only praises.