Shocking rumors about BTS: Having a ‘violent’ member, HYBE won’t hide anymore

BTS News

Only in January, there were extremely shocking rumors about BTS. Some rumors are so detailed, ARMYs can notice.

Rumors of love

Right from the moment of their debut, BTS asked to remove the management company’s ban on love. Reason given: If you don’t love, how can you compose or sing about love? Now, after 9 years of debut, it seems that the boys really want to be in love publicly.

According to a source, pay attention to V’s words and actions on recent vlives. It has some hidden meaning about your girlfriend.

A source from the press probably also talked about V. According to this person, they had a video of him and his girlfriend in Seoul but because they are also his fans, they didn’t want to reveal it.

However, he himself revealed more and more hidden meanings. Specifically, in the DVD Map of the Soul ON:E , after each photo shoot, the camera often caught him standing in the dark corner texting his phone while everyone else was talking to the camera.

The rumor about the “boat” between him and the younger brother in the group is not true. Touches and eyes are just moments in front of the camera. He likes to be intimate with the members but they are just brothers. Pay special attention to his words in Run BTS episode 154.

A BTS member is also said to be going public with his relationship or getting married this year, 2022.

In addition, HYBE knew very well the activities of assigning two team members and took advantage of it. However, this causes discomfort for the insiders. The advice is not to trust the big “boats”. It’s not real.

Career rumors

BTS is rumored to have a collaboration with Blackpink. The heat of the two names is off the table, but it’s unlikely that fans will like it.

After many mixed opinions about switching to English singing, in the next album, BTS will only sing in Korean. They also open a whole new chapter.

After a separate Instagram account, some members will have their own YouTube accounts. Jungkook and V will form a unit. This is likely, especially when the hyung line is enlisted.

Personal problem

Jungkook is said to have new tattoos and piercings on his body. It seems that the youngest child of BTS is very fond of these two dishes. It’s unclear when he’ll show it to ARMYs. Besides, if you look closely at Jungkook’s Instagram name, you will discover some interesting things.

Jimin may face a fake scandal. ARMYs trust me. The rumor of Jimin and Ong Seungwoo at first sounded like a joke, but it’s going viral.

HYBE spent a lot of money on Dispatch to cover up the cases. It is likely that, by the time HYBE is no longer focusing on BTS, Dispatch will gradually trigger some concussions. Especially, Jungkook and Jimin need to be careful not to be seen doing this again because HYBE already spent a lot of money on them.

A very shocking rumor is that there is a member of BTS who has a tendency to like violence, to dominate in sensitive matters.

According to rumors, there is indeed a BTS member who smokes.

The good news is that BTS’s health is pretty good right now. They will have diss anti in their new album.