Spreading BTS dating rumors will be handled by the law?

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Protecting artists – both physically and mentally – is always the top priority of idol management companies. With BTS’s explosive popularity, protective measures have been tightened even further.

Recently, BTS members are constantly getting into dating rumors. Each time, many ARMYs call for Big Hit to take legal action and sue the person who spread the news. But did Big Hit do that?

At the end of September, Big Hit updated the legal process against malicious comments and rumors. Accordingly, they will regularly carry out legal procedures against malicious activities related to BTS, including deliberate criticism, spreading baseless information, sexual harassment, and personal attacks. humane and defamatory”.

The Company will collect evidence in online communities, blogs, cafes or social networking sites of malicious comments and posts that exceed the usual limits, including defamation based on false information, posts are not socially acceptable.

Thus, BTS’s dating rumors still need to be considered to the extent that they need to be taken to court. Usually, if rumors violate ethics, such as rumors with married women, they will be taken to court.

In the two recent cases of Jungkook with actress Lee Yu Bi and V with the daughter of the president of Paradise Corporation, Big Hit just refused or said they would learn more.

Speculation and curiosity about the private lives of idols are inevitable, however, please stop at the allowed level, ARMY!