Suga and V BTS seem to have ‘telepathy’

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BTS debuted in 2013 and after more than 8 years together, the boys have become more like brothers than just a group.

Being together for so long the members must have some kind of connection with each other, which makes them get along well.

There are times when boys do things so similar that there is “telepathy” between them. This was expressed by Suga and V on Twitter.

On December 1, V decided to post a selfie of himself on Twitter. ARMYs who know the members’ activities on this platform know that V doesn’t often post “selfies” on Twitter.

In the photo, V looks handsome when taking a close-up of his face and colorful shirt. The caption is nice and simple with an emoji for effect and many people joke that the face V is making looks like a “TATA Mic” face.

ARMYs were super excited about the latest update from V but many couldn’t believe their eyes when just seconds later, another update appeared on Twitter and it was Suga’s.

Although Suga is more active on social media, the rapper’s latest “selfie” with a smiling face makes fans extremely excited.

With the caption “See you tomorrow” related to the next day in the group’s Permission To Dance On Stage program, it was enough to melt anyone’s heart.

After BTS’ selfies, ARMYs clearly noticed that the two boys posted photos at almost the same time, clearly unaware that the other would do it.

Even ARMYs don’t realize how weird this is. Three minutes after the photos were posted, BTS’ official Twitter account shared their thoughts on what happened and wrote:

“Woah. There are 86,400 seconds in a day, and yet posting selfies with no difference of 10 seconds… That’s fate.”

Looking at the huge number, it seems like a crazy coincidence that can’t happen unless Suga and V know exactly what each other is going to do.

However, even though BTS thought it was less than 10 seconds between the two photos being posted, ARMYs noticed something special about the exact timing.

According to one user, V and Suga posted their “selfies” exactly 7 seconds apart. Of course, that’s great in itself but considering that BTS has 7 members and Suga recently explained that #OT7 was the reason there were no solo songs at the concert, it seems like fate. .

Suga and V’s friendship may not be as close as the other members of BTS but they have the sweetest friendship and show each other how much they care for each other in their own way.

Just 7 seconds between the photos, it’s proof that there is a very close bond between the members and it’s not just a coincidence.