Suga BTS fascinates ARMY with new post about Holly dog

BTS News

Since BTS members made their personal Instagram accounts public, fans have had the opportunity to follow the idol’s daily life more. Especially about their pets.

BTS member Suga recently posted photos of his adorable poodle named Holly. As expected, fans took to Twitter to express their excitement.

Suga’s first post about Holly on his Instagram account not long ago was a blurry photo showing a “puffy” Holly, having just woken up from her sleep.

And now the idol has added two precious new pictures to the first photo.
In the first picture, Holly looks like a “model”.

However, Holly looks quite the opposite in the 2nd photo, lying on the floor looking tired.

And of course, fans are extremely excited by the new photos.

“Yoongi’s feed has only 3 things: Holly, his pretty face and music” – commented one ARMY.

Another ARYM wrote: “Holly is so adorable just like her dad”.