Suga Explained About Never Scolding Jungkook And The Reason That He Can’t Teach Jungkook Piano

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Suga has always been known to be a serious and quiet person, rarely showing his affection to the members. But for Jungkook, it’s different, when it comes to Jungkook, it seems that Suga’s heart warms up again. The way Suga always gives the greatest tolerance to Jungkook makes ARMYs feel their hearts flutter.

As we all know, Suga is a rather strict person and has “hot inside but cold outside” personality. However, for BTS’s golden maknae, Suga is more caring and generous towards him than anyone. When the other members are naughty or frolicking, Suga seems to have a bit of a disapproving reaction but not Jungkook. He seems to let the maknae do whatever he likes.

Especially how much Suga loves Jungkook is also shown by the fact that he never scolded Jungkook since they lived together. Specifically in a fansign, an ARMY asked Suga, “Have you ever scolded other members?”. Suga replied that he did but except for Jungkook and the reason he gave was “Because it’s not appropriate action to do with a child”.


Even though Jungkook has grown up, Suga still wants to treat him like a little boy with his tenderness. Because maybe Suga doesn’t want to see Jungkook suffer a lot because his growing up period has had to go through many ups and downs of his life. This is also confirmed when Jungkook in a Vlive said “Suga hyung won’t scold me”.

That’s also what Jungkook revealed the reason Suga couldn’t teach Jungkook to play the piano. Jungkook recounted that Suga said he didn’t want to scold Jungkook when Jungkook made a mistake, so he couldn’t teach Jungkook how to play. And in fact, no matter what Jungkook does, Suga always supports and thinks Jungkook does everything well.

In a magazine interview, Suga was asked to give a message to Jungkook. This was his message to the Golden Maknae: “Although you were the youngest, you became an adult man in no time. We’ve seen your growth up close, but it’s kind of strange. I know that you’re always working hard, so I hope you will stay the same as you are now.”

Back in their 2018 Festa celebration, Suga talked about sending sweet messages to two members, and Jungkook admitted he was one of them. The other members said Suga was not the type to send sweet messages or say those three words, but he did both for Jungkook. In conclusion, Suga always spends his great tolerance for Jungkook for whatever.