Surprised by Jin BTS’s work with the winning amount

BTS News

BTS member Jin recently did a very generous act that will surely make many ARMYs admire!

Specifically, in March 2021, BTS participated in the variety show You Quiz On The Block and Jin won the grand prize. On Weverse, Jin joked that he would shower with this bounty.

However, on January 13, Jin was revealed to have used this money to donate to the Beagle Rescue Network organization.

According to this organization, they received a donation from the male god of BTS, along with a lot of dog food.

It is known that the Beagle Rescue Network works to rescue the Beagles breed. This breed often falls victim to animal testing due to its reputation as a docile and forgiving breed.

This is not the first time Jin has expressed his love for animals. Previously, a dog named Jjangu who passed away in 2017 was adopted by his family from a stray dog ​​and cat breeding facility.

Although Jjangu is a very sick dog, Jin’s family still loves and heals him. Jjangu had a very good life in the male idol’s family.