The ‘barbarian’ Suga is not the scariest guy in BTS, but…

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The members of BTS are best friends but just like everyone else, they have moments that make their brothers cringe.

During a previous fan signing session, V was asked in the group who is the scariest person when angry. Here’s what he said.

7. RM

According to V, RM is the least intimidating member when he’s angry. Although RM’s appearance may seem cold and even intimidating, he is known for his limitless patience.

It took a lot for RM to get mad but in V’s FESTA 2017 profile , he revealed that RM gets annoyed when people play loud music right next to him.

6. V

V ranks himself at number two in the scary rating. V is calm and has a short temper, but there are some things that worry him.

In their FESTA 2017 profile , BTS revealed that V gets annoyed when people take his food and mess with him while he’s playing games.

5. Jungkook

In terms of scary, Jungkook ranks in the middle.

As someone who relies on his own achievements and expects fairness, Jungkook can easily get irritated when people cheat in games to win.

4. Jin

In 4th place is Jin, who is very easygoing and cold.

To avoid driving Jin crazy, don’t sit on his bed in your friends’ dirty clothes, ignore him, or refuse to share food with him.

3. Suga

Given his barbaric reputation, it’s no surprise that Suga made the Top 3. In fact, some might be surprised that he didn’t take the No. 1 spot.

Disrupting Suga’s sleep is not a good thing unless you want to be cursed.

2. J-Hope

J-Hope is the 2nd scariest member? That’s right. Even if J-Hope isn’t angry he can still be a threat.

In V’s letter to J-Hope, he asked J-Hope to reduce the fiery gaze he gives the members when they make mistakes on stage.

If the normal dance leader J-Hope is this scary, imagine how he feels when he’s in a bad mood.

“Hoseok-hyung, you look scary at us when we make mistakes on stage. Don’t do that” – V wrote a letter to J-Hope.

1. Jimin

According to V, don’t mess with Jimin. This sweet orb will reveal his teeth when angry. J-Hope can personally attest to this.

Once, Jimin put his phone down on some chewed gum that J-Hope forgot to throw away.

Jimin was so angry that J-Hope was only able to confess later.

“Well… I have to confess to you that in that moment I couldn’t tell you it was me because you cursed a lot and almost went crazy. You can’t admit with your own mouth that you’re the one who put the gum there” – J-Hope.
This is V’s rating.