The bare face of the BTS boys after the makeup, how do the fans feel?

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Makeup is a powerful tool – it can instantly define a person’s public image and it’s an essential part of being a K-pop idol.

But since fans are so used to seeing their favorite idols in flashy makeup, they can’t help but wonder what they would look like without it.

BTS is often referred to as “the defining K-pop group of the generation”. Their handsome looks and charisma are known all over the world. How do fans feel when they see the boys without makeup?

1 V

V looks good with makeup but she still looks pretty without makeup. In fact, he was always handsome.

On stage, he often wears contact lenses and eye makeup. He has a mole under his eye and a nice nose.

Occasionally, V changes his hair color from dark to blonde. But regardless of eye color or hair color, he has the light skin that everyone wants.

Once, during a V-Live live broadcast , V shared his bare face on camera and pointed out his acne spots that he called “friends”.

Not everyone considers his pimples a friend but Taehyung seems to enjoy and have fun with it, which makes him irresistibly adorable.

V is cute but he is also very confident. He is not ashamed to share the fact that he also suffers from acne.

2. Jin

Jin “global handsome” can go without makeup and still look perfect. Jin’s natural smooth skin is remarkable.

Even girls envied his porcelain-like smooth face. His face has a sweet heart shape and attractive full lips.

His makeup style is not as bright and colorful as the other members. It’s naturally light and pretty similar to his no-makeup look.

Jin is the oldest in the group. Despite his age, he takes very good care of his skin so you won’t find any age lines on his smooth face.

3. Jimin

Jimin’s smoky eyes are his signature look. But even without the eyeshadow, he was incredibly handsome.

Jimin’s rosy cheeks and rosy lips are unbelievably beautiful. What could be the secret behind it? An expensive beauty cream line? Surprisingly, Jimin admits that he uses a very simple and normal skin care regimen.

Jimin says it’s refreshing to let your pores breathe after performing concerts.

4. Jungkook

Fans admire “Golden Maknae” not only for his talent but also for his looks.

Jungkook seems very manly because of his tall and muscular build but he still has a cute and adorable side.

Jungkook is kind, innocent and playful. Sometimes, he likes to tease his BTS brothers because he likes to show his emotions intelligently and the older brothers find him cute.

Jungkook looks super sexy when he’s serious but he’s cute when he’s smiling. There is nothing this young man can’t make us feel comfortable with, even when he appears with no makeup on.

5. Suga

Snow White is not the only one with snow-white skin. Look at how smooth and white Suga’s skin is.

Fans who have seen Suga with their own eyes will surely say that he has milky white skin. Plus, with his sweet smile and fox-like eyes he is truly a charming man. Well, what’s the ultimate secret to his milky white skin?

His white, radiant, and flawless face was completely natural. This makes fans even more interested in seeing Suga’s bare face.

It’s surprising to know that Suga is the least skin-care among the BTS members.

6. J-Hope

Even without makeup, J-Hope’s face is still smooth and flawless, but he still creates a neat appearance for everyone who wants to see him.

What a good person.

7. RM
Even without makeup, RM’s skin looks smooth and soft.

7. RM

Even without makeup, RM’s skin looks smooth and soft.