The BTS couple’s attendance list is actively “pushed the boat” by ARMY

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The idol pairing movement is not too strange in the K-pop entertainment industry. Fans are always excited by the interactions of their favorite couple and look for all the evidence to prove it to be true.

BTS is currently one of the most loved music groups today. Therefore, BTS’ couples are very interested by fans in “pushing the boat”.

Here are the BTS couples who are actively “pushed the boat” by fans.

1. Sope: Suga and J-Hope

Despite their opposite personalities, this couple is a close pair that makes ARMYs excited. There have been many emotional moments about both. J-Hope is known for bringing positive energy and “infusing fire” in BTS’s programs. Suga has always been fascinated with this energy. The actions of the two’s mutual friends are also remarkable. It is important that Suga’s carefulness is always present at the right time to “fire” for J-Hope.

J-Hope always loves and cares for the members. This makes ARMY extremely warm. Not only with Suga but with many other members. Suga is so fastidious, but he is also “respected” by J-Hope, so it is not surprising that he is always loved by other members.

2. NamJin: RM and Jin

Is a combination of cute leader and funny eldest brother. How close are the two? This couple is very suitable, no one can replace. Although not too intense, when it comes to relying on each other, trust and love are probably the two most suitable words for this lovely couple.

The eldest brother often teases because he always imagines the younger siblings first. Understanding Jin’s heart, RM is always obedient and almost “admired” when standing in front of him. Perhaps in RM’s eyes, the leader Jin is a powerful person and won the hearts of the guy.

3. YoonMin: Suga and Jimin

The couple is said to have the fewest moments but is the cutest. Suga’s love for Jimin is immense. Their eyes were always on each other and silently cheered in their weakest moments. The cuteness of this couple is the key to making this “boat” stand out so quickly.

These two members always show mutual understanding and gallantry on television. Sweet photos and videos have captured the most attention of fans.

4. KookMin: Jungkook and Jimin

Is a couple that ARMYs have been extremely enthusiastic about since BTS was founded. In the early years of his debut, Jungkook seemed shy and hesitant to approach Jimin.
But now that gap is filled with sweet acts. He also often listens to Jimin’s words, making fans “heartbreak”.

5. VKook: V and Jungkook

This legendary couple has surpassed every other couple in the rankings with their immortal and familiar moments. Both V and Jungkook are said to be very talented, possessing outstanding beauty. Therefore, their moments always make fans unable to take their eyes off.