The location of V BTS’s friendship tattoo is known only to true fans

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BTS V’s tattoo has a surprisingly creative placement!

RM, Jimin, J-Hope, and Jungkook of BTS have all confirmed that they received the friendship tattoo number seven, which represents the seven members of the group.
Recently, V got fans excited when he posted a photo on his Instagram with the number 7 upside down.
Attentive fans know exactly where it is on V’s body, even though the photo has been enlarged.
On V’s right arm, there are 2 moles that are far apart. V often pinched the skin between the 2 moles and called it an elephant.
Fans noticed that V’s number 7 was placed below the 2 moles to create the elephant’s face like he “showed off” before.
However, many ARMYs also think that V’s number 7 looks more like a temporary tattoo.