The male god V BTS surpassed the star ‘Spider-Man’ on Google

BTS News

On March 10, BTS kicked off the highly anticipated Permission to Dance On Stage concert at Olympic Stadium, Seoul, South Korea. This is the group’s first concert in Seoul in nearly 3 years.

Here, BTS performed similar performances in Las Vegas (USA) before.

However, V proved his main attraction when he “fascinated” fans with his captivating voice, great visuals and energetic performance…

During the 4-hour performance, V became the most searched celebrity on Google globally, surpassing famous Hollywood actors Zendaya and Tom Holland.

The male idol of BTS also set the social network on fire, becoming a worldwide trend and a popular topic on many platforms, including Twitter and Facebook…

In addition, fans were impressed with V’s strong performance as he had only recently recovered from Covid-19. It was definitely a big challenge for V, but he gave his all for the concert, delivering an energetic performance.