The most absurd and craziest rumors BTS has to receive

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The more famous, the more BTS has to face many irrational and crazy rumors.

It’s been 8 years since BTS officially debuted, it’s undeniable that BigHit’s boy band has flourished and become one of the major global artists.

Like many other famous artists, the more famous BTS is, the more absurd and crazy rumors they have to face.
Here are the most absurd and craziest rumors BTS has to receive.

1. Jin and Lee Guk Joo’s dating rumors

Comedian Lee Guk Joo once appeared on MBC’s Radio Star program and clarified the dating rumors between her and Jin: “Ex-boyfriend is 6 years younger than me. Jo Se Ho has never actually met. my ex-boyfriend but jokingly said that i used to date a very handsome idol trainee. Because of that, Jin became the target of gossip Jin and I were just good friends. It’s been more than four years.”

Previously, rumors of love between Jin and Lee Guk Joo caused a fever in the online community. And before Lee Guk Joo explained, netizens were almost convinced that this rumor was true.

2. J-Hope’s nose job rumors

Plastic surgery is nothing to be ashamed of, but it seems that the standards of evaluation in the K-pop village are much stricter.

Therefore, for J-Hope, possessing a nose that is too straight and prominently high makes him suspect that many people have asked for the “help” of cutlery. It was only when J-Hope’s high school photos were published, proving his perfectly natural nose, that people stopped spreading these rumors about him.

3. Jungkook’s suicide rumors

When a photo of Jungkook at the 2017 KBS Song Festival event was circulated online, netizens suddenly claimed that BTS’s youngest brother had attempted suicide by cutting his wrist.

When these rumors started to explode violently and make fans panic, one ARMY quickly smashed the above groundless allegations by proving Jungkook’s wrist right before that. It’s still very clean and has no problems.

4. Gossip sajaegi (character manipulation)

Sales of the album The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 1 (2015) suddenly skyrocketed to more than 8,000 copies in just 30 minutes, netizens began to suspect that BTS and Big Hit Entertainment had “tricks”.

Rumors that Big Hit Entertainment was conducting sajaegi (usually because the company bought a large number of artists’ albums on their own to increase their position on the chart) gradually spread stronger and even more. also filed a petition with the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office to request an investigation.

The case was closed after the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office concluded there was not enough evidence to confirm that BigHit cheated album sales.

5. Rumor of V dating the daughter of the president of Paradise Group

This rumor originated from the time V attended an exhibition event with his wife and daughter Philip Jeon – who has a fortune of up to 765 million USD and was in the Top 50 richest people in Korea in 2015.

Immediately, HYBE denied the rumors, saying that V and Philip Jeon’s family were just acquaintances, there was absolutely no way he was dating the president’s daughter. V then also moved on Weverse in response to this rumor.