The photo taken of the youngest Jungkook BTS with a mobile phone captures ARMY’s heart

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BTS’s youngest Jungkook makes fans “stop” because of pictures taken from mobile phones.

Back in 2019, the online community competed to share pictures of Jungkook taken by fans during the Love Yourself world tour .

Jungkook (BTS)

These are all unedited phone photos and even very low quality photos. However, not because of that, Jungkook’s beauty was drowned.

Instead, the male idol of BTS still stands out with his handsome mirror. In particular, his perfectly proportioned appearance, which makes viewers cannot help but praise.

Although not the tallest member in BTS, these photos show that Jungkook “eats” the other members in terms of appearance.

“Wow… his proportions are amazing!”, “Wouldn’t it look like this in real life everyone? Who’s so handsome”, “If you look at it directly, I don’t know how sparkling it will be”… are comments from netizens.