The rookie group was accused of ‘plagiarizing’ the logos of BTS and ARMY

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Recently, MBC aired the final episode of the survival audition program Extreme Debut: Wild Idol and announced the new boy group lineup.

The final episode of Extreme Debut: Wild Idol features famous guest stars such as Kim Jong Kook, choreographer Lia Kim, Seunghee (Oh My Girl), Hyoyeon (SNSD), Jun.K (2PM), Tiger JK. ..

The debut lineup consisted of 7 members and it was announced that the group name would be officially named TAN, which stands for To All Nations.

Then, the show’s Twitter account posted an official logo photo for the rookie group that will debut in 2022.

The official logo of the group TAN

However, many ARMYs expressed their outrage and said that MBC “imitations” the logo of BTS as well as the group’s fandom.

A scene from MBC’s “Extreme Debut: Wild Idol”

“I really feel a bit sorry for that member of that group. Don’t know if they feel like clones of another group. Now I wonder what their fandom name would be? 😅” – a resident Netizens expressed.

Logos of BTS and ARMY