The Story At Jin’s Brother Wedding: Seokjin Is The Oldest Brother Of BTS, But In His Family, He Is Still The Beloved Maknae

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For BTS, Jin is a caring eldest brother and always takes care of his 6 younger brothers. But ARMY also don’t forget that in Jin’s family, he is the youngest brother and the youngest son of his parents. Maybe that’s why sometimes his cuteness is clearly revealed. Below is a story about Jin’s family and his cuteness in front of his family and relatives.

Jin has always been considered the eldest brother of BTS, a mature and calm person. Of course, when he is with BTS members or his family, Jin shows many cute childish features. It is also because in the family, Jin is also a loved and pampered youngest brother.

Recently, the story of Jin’s “cuteness and small” in front of his family on his brother’s wedding day was repeated on social platforms. The story is told by an OP who knows Jin’s brother and was invited to the wedding ceremony.

Jin’s brother’s wedding that day was hosted by Jin. He appeared like a little prince in a formal suit, smiling face, and was really cute. Jin’s mother even adjusted his outfit before the ceremony started.

OP also recounted that Jin is really friendly and took a lot of pictures with his relatives at his brother’s wedding. His cool on stage gave way to a cute, gentle and simple Jin when he was with his family.

When Jin started to lead the wedding, he was extremely relaxed and funny. Even after Lee Hyun (senior from Big Hit company) sang a song to congratulate Jin’s brother’s happy day, Jin said that he wanted to sing a song too but he only had ‘Fake Love’ I guess I can’t sing.

And then everyone and even Jin’s parents and brother and sister-in-law laughed happily at his joke. Jin’s parents looked at him with affectionate and loving eyes.

Jin then asked his brother and the bride to make a circle over their heads if they were ready to live together. Jin also asked his brother to wink at him again, and he actually did so at the wedding.

Even though Jin’s older brother is old enough to do this in front of so many people, when asked by his younger brother, he still does it in a lovely way.

OP also recounted how cute Jin was at the end of the ceremony and he, the BTS members and manager had to leave earlier than planned. He went to his parents’ place with a warm smile and said cutely, “Mom~ I might go now~”. Jin’s parents said goodbye to their son fondly as he left.

Although Jin is worldwide handsome, a K-pop superstar with millions of fans, in front of his family, he is always the beloved little brother and youngest child.