The times when BTS members go topless makes ARMY crazy

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BTS is currently the most popular K-pop group in the world so their every post gets a lot of attention. Especially when they post topless photos!

Take a look at the sexy times when BTS members went shirtless below.

1 V

Last December, RM shared a photo of his US trip on his personal Instagram and was commented on by the BTS members. In this issue, V left a comment saying, “I had my trip but I don’t have any photos to post”.

Then, V revealed more about the reason, “My beard has grown a lot, if I posted it, people would be shocked, right?”.

4 days later, V uploaded a clip on Instagram where he was shirtless with a beard. Immediately, the keyword “Kim Taehyung” reached the Top trending globally.

Another time, V also posted a topless photo but no beard and curly hair as a highlight!

2. Jin
BTS’s eldest brother has repeatedly posted topless photos, revealing his broad masculine and seductive shoulders.

3. J-Hope
J-Hope once made ARMY crazy with his topless image on BTS’ variety show.


4. Jimin

Jimin also has a selfie (self-portrait) when he’s topless but doesn’t show too much.

On the other hand, he performed on stage without a shirt, making ARMYs fall in love!

5. Jungkook
The image of BTS’s youngest member Jungkook going topless while swimming must have made many fans’ hearts “stop”.