There appears to be evidence that Jimin’s (BTS) antifan has “infiltrated” the HYBE staff: An angry fan demanded that the company be fired immediately.

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Many people find it really difficult to understand how HYBE is managing their staff when there are often unnecessary incidents with BTS.

Among entertainment companies, HYBE is the case that is often criticized for the way they manage their staff. Accordingly, there have been many times when BTS fans and netizens were angry at the attitude of staff such as stylists that let BTS wear costumes that are not aesthetically pleasing or do not fit the size, the manager is suspected of bragging and letting his girlfriend take the car.

BTS, this staff secretly took pictures of members like sasaeng, other staff used the group to promote their own brand, etc.

These problems often cause fans to send complaints to HYBE, but there is no improvement. Even Knet has repeatedly expressed displeasure because BTS is currently a world-class group but their staff treats them very irresponsibly.

And most recently, another rare case happened when the sentence that netizens used to joke about ‘is their staff an antifan or not’ suddenly could be true. This story happened to Jimin and caused fans to trend the keyword ‘HYBE respect Jimin’ globally.

Specifically, on October 28, BTS’ YouTube channel, BANGTAN TV, uploaded a new video about the group’s behind the scenes when attending the 76th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) event. This event took place this past September and 7 BTS members attended as special envoy of Korean President Moon Jae In as well as gave a speech and performance at UNGA.

Fans are very happy and proud to see behind-the-scenes footage of BTS’ efforts to record VCR’s ‘Permission to Dance’ at the UN headquarters building, rehearse their speeches, and share interesting stories. in the backstage. However, suddenly controversy broke out when fans found the Korean subtitles of the video ‘very problematic’.

Korean subtitle is controversial when writing ‘닭 지민’ (Dalg Jimin – meaning chicken Jimin)

During the part where the members were sitting together, Suga mentioned Jimin’s name and jokingly called him ‘Park Jwaemin’. However, the Korean subtitle instead of ‘박최민’ (Park Jwaemin) turns into ‘닭 지민’ (Dalg Jimin) – which means ‘Chicken Jimin’.

This is a kind of negative nickname that Jimin’s Korean antifans often use to sarcastic when referring to male idols. In Korean, this word is a rude word used to offend others, meaning ‘very cocky, very pathetic’.

When the controversy broke out, there were some fans who also thought that this was probably just a misunderstanding when the staff misheard ‘Park Jwaemin’ as the word ‘Dalg Jimin’ (Chicken Jimin) when the members were teasing the male idol about waking up. wake up early.

However, many other fans claim that there can be no mishearing here because the two words are completely different.

Also, even if there is a mistake, since the staff is Korean and does the Korean subtitles, it is important to know that Korean culture is very sensitive to words that are used to offend people like that and should have been checked. before it aired.

Fans are angry because this word is only used by Jimin’s antifan community in Korea

Because this is a word that antifan Jimin often uses, fans immediately questioned if the staff making the subtitles was the antifan ‘blended’ into HYBE. Immediately, fans sent a petition to HYBE asking to edit the subtitles, condemning the lack of respect for the artist.

Some fans even reacted angrily that the artist’s staff could be so disrespectful to the artist himself and demanded that this person be fired on suspicion of being an antifan.


Fans are angry with the irresponsible staff, even this person may be an antifan of Jimin

In addition, fans also trended the keyword ‘HYBE RESPECT JIMIN’ (HYBE please respect Jimin) to express their disappointment with the company when they have made so many mistakes. This keyword has reached the top trending globally, in addition, related keywords have also reached the top trending in Korea and many other countries

The keyword ‘HYBE RESPECT JIMIN’ reached the top of global trends and ranked top of many top Twitter trends in countries

Before this situation, HYBE side did not give an explanation. However, fans discovered that the company was aware of the controversy and had quietly edited this Korean subtitle to match Suga’s original word ‘박최민’ (Park Jwaemin). This incident once again disappointed fans and expressed their displeasure as BTS continued to not receive respect from the staff in HYBE.