This Airport Staff Became An ARMY After Meeting BTS… Here’s How She Fell For RM, V And Suga

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Dream job, anyone?

An airport staff, and now ARMY, that goes by @641kate on Twitter, shared about the time she met BTS while on the job. Not only did she praise Jungkook and J-Hope for their manners and kindness, she also had some things to say about the other members!

She complimented RM for both his outer and inner beauty! It seems that dressing well and looking good come naturally to the star.

The person that came in first was Namjoon. As soon as I saw him, I thought that his proportions were so good. It was exactly the vibes as his “Kim Daily” photos! Kind of like he was dressed comfortable but still with swag and he pulls off outfits so well. He gives off an aura – he was really cool! After I became a fan, I came to really respect him as I found out he’s someone who’s inner beauty is way more impressive.

— Fan

@641kate also shared that V, of course, has the most perfect nose ever!

I only saw Taehyung with his mask on…but the overall vibes were like that of an artist. Perhaps due to his clothes that day, he looked like a painter or someone that did arts. And even though he had a mask on, his nose bridge was about to pierce through it kekeke

— Fan

Although she couldn’t remember much about Suga, fans can agree with what she did recall.

I don’t remember Yoongi very well…because he had a mask and hat on. I couldn’t see much and his clothes and hat was all black. He was quieter than other members. He has a bit of a reverse charm! Like a kitty that pretends to dislike it but actually likes receiving love.

— Fan

The airport staff revealed that the did not have much interactions with the remaining members, Jin and Jimin. She only recalls that Jimin came in looking disheveled but adorable, while Jin was so chic that she could not look at him! However, now as a full-fledged army, she is sure to treasure her memories with the boys!