This BTS member was first caught by a zombie, it’s funny to hear the reason

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 RM knows exactly which BTS member will be caught by zombies first. His choice will surprise many people.

If anyone knows the BTS members to their hair, it’s got to be RM!

From quirks, likes and dislikes, RM has all the members in mind. Like a living encyclopedia of BTS, he can even predict the members’ reactions in hypothetical situations like… being attacked by a zombie.

In an episode of Run BTS! , fans have discovered who is the zombie hunter, fearless…

…and who is certainly the opposite. Since Jin, J-Hope, and Suga all panicked when they met zombies (impersonators), ARMYs must have thought they would be at the top “most likely to be caught by zombies”. But RM thinks differently.

During an autograph session, years before the episode aired, RM was asked which member was most at risk of being attacked by zombies. I chose… V!

RM also emphasized that this is obvious. However, he didn’t give an explanation, so ARMYs can only guess the reasons…

A: It’s because I don’t know what fear is, so I’m subjective and let it be attacked

B: I sacrificed myself to save the other member

C: Being a very friendly person, he tries to make friends with zombies, thinking they are lonely!

Can ARMYs think of any other reasons?