Thought V BTS owned a super sports car, who would have thought…

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V of BTS is really a person who loves to play pranks and fans have been “missed” many times with this handsome guy.

Back in a time when the BTS members were still in the early stages of their careers, V tweeted a photo of a beautiful orange sports car and told ARMYs he had bought a new car.
“Your Oppa has a new supercar” – V.
V then tweeted a photo of the car and it turns out his beautiful sports car is actually a toy.
Less than a month later, V tweeted another photo of a stunning sports car. This time, it’s a sleek black car.
“So is this oppa @ – @ /” – V.
However, like the orange car, the black car is actually a toy.
Even though these hilarious tweets were posted years ago, ARMYs still leave comments on them.
Many fans left messages to V to let him know that he will be so successful that in just a few years, he will be able to buy any car he wants.

Fans always love to witness V’s playful moments and will certainly never forget his hilarious super sports car jokes.