V attracts fans fastest on Spotify, BTS is also second

BTS News

 V BTS is the most followed artist on Spotify in the past 24 hours even though he has not released any new products.

With three soundtracks on his Spotify account, V is the fifth most followed Korean solo artist and his account just keeps getting bigger.

In the past 24 hours, V is the most followed artist on Spotify, surpassing The Weeknd when the daily increase reaches 101,976 people. BTS itself ranks 3rd on the list.

V’s account has always grown steadily since the Christmas Tree soundtrack aired. He was also the most followed Korean solo artist in December and the most followed Korean solo artist in the first week of 2022.

His monthly listeners also skyrocketed as more and more people fell in love with him. Everyone is also looking forward to V’s new music because he promised to release a mixtape.

ARMYs couldn’t be more proud of V:

– Congratulations V! He is an expert at breaking records and making history. That’s why we call him a legend!

– If V releases a mixtape, I don’t know how explosive the network is!

– I heard there will be a Vkook unit. I can’t imagine a duo with more destructive power!

Congratulations V with many more records in the new year.