V broke out in public with Jennie, joined Blackpink’s album introduction party

BTS News

According to exclusive news from JTBC News , Blackpink held “Private Listening Party” in Seongsu District, Seoul (Korea) 2 days ago.

This is a private party for singers, actors and celebrities who have a close relationship with Blackpink and listen to the group’s new album Born Pink, which will be released today (September 16).

This source also said that the party took place under the strict management of the security team, in which V of BTS also attended.

This is the first time both (V and Jennie) are openly together in an event. Although the party was very crowded because of Blackpink’s popularity, V still had a stable seat. V enjoys the party comfortably instead of paying attention to the eyes of everyone around.

According to insiders, V was one of the celebrities who attended the party. V even stayed for a long time with the BLACKPINK members with many other guests and acquaintances, seemingly “fulfilling the role of a caring boyfriend”.

JTBC releases exclusive news about V joining Jennie and Blackpink’s party

Recently, Jennie and V continued to be exposed to the image of supposedly hanging out on Jeju Island in May 2022. The management companies of the two groups have not yet commented on this matter.